Dec. 5th Ragamuffin Yuletide Movie Night (in lieu of Indelible meeting)


By: Jana Greene

Seasons greetings, friends! And calling all fellow Ragamuffins!

In lieu of the Dec. 5th Indelible Writing Group meeting, I thought it might be nice to host a very casual and Christmas-y home screening of “Brennan” – the movie about the life of Brennan Manning. Indelibles are, of course, welcome, but I’d love to invite you, too!

We will start the movie promptly at 7 p.m.

There will be a few minutes of Indelible news – namely that we will have to find an alternate evening  to meet as Mondays are my new CR home group nights, but after that, on to the movie.

I would love to have as many people as will fit in my home, so I’ll need a general idea of who might be coming as early as possible. There will be no separate activities for kids, so we will probably keep it a grown up event. Make it a date night with your honey!

Depending on how many can come, we will probably end up camped out on the floor, so if you have a blanket you want to bring, you can use it as a ‘sit upon’ when the chairs run out.

We will have wassail, Christmas cookies, and popcorn, too.
If you’d like to bring veggies and dip, or other goodies, that would be great. Looking forward to your RSVP so I can know how much furniture to ask Bob to move around! 🙂

If you have never been to our group but are interested in attending the get together, “comment” below or private message me. I’m trying to fit as many people as I can, but if we have enough interest, I might have to divide it up into 2 separate events. We shall see!

God loves you and so do I!



Meeting tomorrow, Monday, 10/3


Perception will mess with your, um….perception!

Good day, Scribe Tribes!

Our last couple of meetings were small, but the smallness created intimacy among us. We miss other members of the group, and understand life gets crazy busy. No pressure – just join us for informal fellowship any 1st and 3rd Monday of each month!

We talked about perspective; how perspective is EVERYTHING in telling a story or sharing an experience. We so seldom consider all other (or even ANY other) perspectives when we write. I thought it would be fun for us (homework) to think of one picture – either real or imagined – and write a paragraph about the same event from 3 different points of view.

And guys, I’m thinking I’d like to camp out in this idea of considering perceptive for a while. I believe we will have the same assignment (or food for thought) tonight, so that when we gather on the 17th, we can hear more about your experience in changing perceptions. ANY subject matter will do. Mine will be (notice I said ‘will’ – I’m hosting group tomorrow and haven’t even STARTED mine yet 😉 ) an old man sitting on a fishing pier – his perspective as he catches a fish, the prospective of a little girl watching him fish, and even the point of view from the poor fish about to be caught.

Again and always, our meetings are super informal. Please feel free to bring a short piece that you’ve been working on, share with the rest of the group what your greatest hurdles and blessings have been in your writing endeavors. I’m so blessed to have such a fantastically talented and all-around-delightful group come hang out with me a couple of times each month.

I encourage more of you to consider publishing your work on our Indelible blog page (ask me if you have any questions.)

After Monday’s meeting, we will meet Monday, Oct. 17th, but due to unforeseen circumstances, will not have any meetings in November. I am having surgery and will be out of commission for quite a while. That being said, I KNOW I WILL MISS YOU ALL, too. I’m thinking we can pick back up Monday, Dec. 5th? Let me know how that works for you. In previous Indelible years, Christmastime has been an especially blessed time for us to meet – giving us an opportunity to relax from the hustle bustle, at least for a couple of hours! There may even be wassail involved….and I make some kick a** wassail, that’s all I’m saying 😉

So to recap: No meetings in November.

God bless you! If you can make it, please inbox me on FB so that I know to expect you!
God loves you and so do I. ❤


Meeting this Evening!

Good morning, Scribe Tribe.
We are meeting tonight 6:30-8 p.m. at my place, and we’ll be talking about Inspiration….be thinking about all the things that get your creative juices flowing. Feel free to bring any work you’ve been busy with to share (if you’d like.) As usual, it will be super casual and informal.
Can I get a head count of attendees, please? Just inbox or FB private message me.

Have a great day!

Hand in Hand


By: Nancy Dawdy

Off they go, strolling up the beach, holding hands. A Momma and her daughter, so carefree, they are almost skipping. The obvious adoration of each other tugs at my heart. I will not be able to do that ever again. Not only because I am in my fifth decade, but because my Momma left this life three months ago.

The duo touches a deep place within me. My Bereavement Support group has discussed the idea that having lost both parents to death is akin to being an orphan. I am pretty sure that never knowing your parents is a terrible situation to be in. I am very grateful to have had my Daddy for 26 years and Momma for 53. However, I totally understand the concept of parentlessness. In my experience, Momma was ALWAYS there for me. When Daddy died suddenly, my relationship with Mom really anchored me. If she wasn’t physically available, I could dial her number and connect with her over the phone.

That is what tugged at my heart today: the connection of mother and child. They were sharing an experience of greeting a new day. What is better than sharing experiences with a loved one? That’s the best thing about relationships! I can have a friend and not spend time with them: then that brings sadness and longing for connection time.

The tears are falling now as I think about my own children. One has launched out in marriage and the other is blossoming in her school and work. Yes, this is what we want- our children to thrive…however, at this moment, I am surfing the waves of loss on lots of levels.

My life totally changed when I looked at my first tiny baby girl and realized “I’m someone’s Mommy!” It has changed again when I realize, “I no longer have a Mommy in this life!”

So, mothers and daughters- enjoy each other! The gift you are to one another is not a little thing!


The Poor in Spirit


Pa Cares


By: Nancy Dawdy

I sit enjoying the sunshine and the crash of the waves. Many surfers are hanging out just off shore anticipating catching an exhilarating ride.

Off to my left, a family plops down all their beach gear. They proceed to slather on sunscreen. It appears to be Ma and Pa and Ma And Pa, Jr, with third generation son. Baby boy looks to be 2-3 years old. (Hereafter referred to as Trey.) Trey’s head is donned with a blue floral sunshade hat and his arms are covered by a matching blue long sleeved rash guard.

Just down from their beach turf there is a tidal ledge where the sand abruptly drops two feet down to the hard packed sand and then the water. I first notice the family goings on when Trey is heading back to the site from the water. He gingerly carries a full to overflowing bucket of water. He carefully makes his way back to his family. As he approaches the shelf- still 10 feet or so away- Pa stands up and nonchalantly makes his way down the incline to meet Trey as he gets to it. Pa takes the bucket from Trey as the lad scrambles up the sand. Pa hands the bucket back to Trey, who proceeds to dump the water out on an area where a project is obviously in the works.

It hits me: the reality of Poppa God’s gracious help floods my senses. I am stunned! I am gripped with the Truth that Poppa is ALWAYS watching and aiding us in our moment of need. He is only interested in what is best for us and He provides what is needful!

Just like the father who anticipated Trey’s requirement, Poppa is at the ready to care for us. This may have been just another morning at the beach, but I am leaving with a sacred awareness of Poppa’s love!

Psalm 139 tells us Poppa is intimately involved in all our ways.

Consider that today and relax in Him!

A Not-So-Subtle Gesture


By: Nancy Dawdy

I am standing in line at the coffee shop. My order is complete and I am getting ready to pay. I notice a gentleman standing on my left. I instantly consider paying for his coffee. I reconsider, but have thoughts of “what will he think? That cougar is hitting on me…”

I almost let that stop me. Instead, I turn to him and say,”Go ahead and order, I’m buying. Whatever you want.”

He says, “Me?”


He orders: we exchange greetings. We continue a conversation including my daughter, sharing stories and life history facts.

I leave the coffee shop thankful for the self-empowerment to make a simple gesture that lead to a pleasant connection between two generations. Not only that, he is totally different than I am- a former military guy, total athlete, newly married, and returning to university to achieve a master’s degree. What we have in common: we were in the same place at the same time, we are human, we are journeying through this life at the same moment.

What this tiny exchange has done for me is hard to express. I feel connected. I feel generous. I feel…happy. All for a small investment of time and money. Oh, and a ton of courage. I took a risk and am so grateful for the result!

I look forward to listening for that prompt again.



Indelible Meeting Tomorrow Evening

22413_10204095622583205_3597838258396602140_nTime to break out of you chrysalis, friends. And air those wings out and FLY!

Hello, Scribe Tribe!
Monday, Aug. 15th, we will hold our 2nd Indelible meeting. 6:45-8 p.m. at my place (if you need my address, private message me). We will likely have a few new people, and I know we have a few out of town, so if you’re thinking about joining us, come as you are!
Are you ready to talk about your goals and desires, visa vie writing? Or maybe even share a little something in the group? I’ve had some migraine issues in the past few days, so I haven’t checked in as often as I like to do so normally in order to encourage you. But I can’t wait to sit among my talented and amazing writer friends!
As always, if you are planning on being here, please just inbox me or respond below in the affirmative.
God bless us, every one.

Launching INDELIBLE 2.0 (New and Improved)



By: Jana Greene

adjective: indelible
of ink or a pen making marks that cannot be removed.

Hello, fellow scribes and scribresses.

The Indelible Writing Group is being resurrected and I’m so excited! The group fizzled out over a year ago due to job and health constraints, but I’m anxious to start a new group soon. Our first group brought so much joy and creativity. I hated folding it, but it is a new day now, and Abba has new things in store for all of us!

Jesus said “it is written” many times in scripture, when referring to the texts of old; and he himself is the very “word” of God. Verses and words have life all their own, and what you have to say has breath. Give it feet, too.

Words are so important. They tell stories. You have a story too. You make your indelible mark on the world.You don’t have to be a poet or a master of prose. There are no theologians or scholars among us. In fact, the goal is not to become educated, but to un-pop the cork and allow your God-given creative juices to flow.

You matter.

What will it look like?

I would like to open the group to both men and women interested in the craft. So, that’s a change. I feel like we can all learn from each other!

We will read and share, fellowship and encourage. We will laugh and purge, transfer our hurts to the page and our triumphs to the paper. Aside from that, I’ve no idea. I’m asking Abba to steep the group in Holy Spirit, and be Author and Finisher of our faith as we take the journey together.

What it is NOT:  We are not a writing critique group. There are no red pens – unless you specifically ask for editing help – and you are not being graded. I just love seeing people express themselves!

When: Indelible will meet every first and third Monday from 6:45-8 p.m.

Scheduled meetings: Aug. 1 & 15; Sept. 5th & 19; Oct. 3 & 17; Nov. 7 & 21; and December 5.

Where:  My house (inbox me if you are interested and I’ll send you directions)

Do you have to be a Christian?  It’s not a requirement. You can be a walrus (koo-koo-cachoo) and join us. All are welcome, just bring an open heart. Prepare yourself for prayer time, though – because that is happening un-apologetically. 🙂

Is there a commitment? I’d love to see the same faces on the regular, but in a word…no. If you only make occasional meetings, you are welcome.

What’s up with the blog? As you can see, our group has a blog! ANY time a participating member would like a work published to the blog, one only need email the copy to me at If you’d like a specific photo included, email that as well. If not, I will assign a photo. It’s a super cool way to share your work with your friends (and the world) and is totally submission-driven. You don’t have to contribute if you don’t want to.

Do we have a FB page? Why yes. Yes we do. INDELIBLE WRITING GROUP FACEBOOK PAGE

What should I bring? Bring a notebook and a pen. And an open mind and open heart!

*If you would like to attend or have additional questions, email me at* Please, and thank you. Due to space restraints, I need an approximate head count. I believe our home can accommodate up to a dozen folks at once.

Your first assignment? While I’m working on the curriculum and getting a few things ironed out, I’d love to invite you to start making just a wee bit of time for steeping in your creative juices. Doodle. Rhyme words. Journal.

And bring a short synopsis to our first meeting exploring what you hope to gain by attending the group, and any ideas you might have. (i.e. if you will by writing therapeutically – like journaling – that’s fine. If you would eventually want to start a blog, write about what that might look like to you.)

If you don’t have specific goals, no worries! I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl. Meetings will be casual.

Also, join me in praying for our group, ask God to use our words to edify, heal, and share joy. And to hold our hands as we make our indelible marks on the world.

It is written, after all.


Indelible Resurrected


in•del•i•ble inˈdeləb(ə)l/ adjective adjective: indelible of ink or a pen making marks that cannot be removed.

By: Jana Greene

What a crazy year it’s been! One of the things I’ve had to let go of due to health issues is my beloved Indelible Writing Group. It’s been nearly a year since we disbanded, and I’m hoping to start it up again!

Who’s in?

Once I can determine the most convenient day of the week for most of you (I will try very hard to accommodate everyone – I know we all have varied schedules) I will post details about our first meeting.

Since we’re starting from scratch again, I’d love to invite each one of you to be crafting a 250-300 word piece exploring what you hope to gain for attending a writer’s group. Include lots of emotional input. Don’t worry about grammatical issues – just pray about it and ask Abba what drives you to write and what you hope to share in learn in the next few months.

Have you always enjoyed poetry? Did you journal as a teenager and wish to pick journaling up again?

Would you be interested in a unit about blogging? Self-publishing?

Do you have a memoir in you that God is drawing out (Spoiler alert: You do. It’s your testimony!)

Explore what makes you “tick.” She who wishes to share her piece at the first meeting as a sort of introduction is more than welcome to. It isn’t required to share.

On that note, I’d like for everyone to feel comfortable sharing her heart in group. Members will have an opportunity to share pieces on this blog if they would like. Again, no rules about this – if you feel led to share something you’ve written, I will load onto the site. If you prefer not to share, that is alright, too!

Because we all have different reasons for writing, and because some of us write therapeutically, I would like to adopt one of the rules that I learned in a 12-step groups: What is read in the group stays in the group, unless you would like it published to the blog. In other words, please keep gossip out of our circle entirely.

Another facet of our group is that it will be Spirit-led. It is not my intention to make anyone uncomfortable, but I believe that our God-given creative talents are released in the purest way when released by Holy Spirit. We will pray in the Spirit and operate from a place where He is given free rein.

We are all starting out together – I welcome lots of ideas from each of you!

Bring a notebook and a pen.

And an open mind and heart!

Cannot wait to soak in you ladies and all of your amazing talents.